Wisdom of the Radish Book Giveaway!

Several months ago, I asked for input from my readers on how to make this blog better.  One of the suggestions I got was to create a book list — what I’m reading and what I find useful.  Easy Shmeasy, I thought.  I’ll do it! And like most of my well-intentioned resolutions, it never happened …until now! 

Recently, I was given a copy of The Wisdom of the Radish by Lynda Hopkins, who co-runs Foggy River Farm in California.  Lynda and her husband Emmett, just like Travis and me, are young farmers.  They began on just a few acres given to them by Emmett’s grandfather, and in her book Lynda tells the story of her farm’s birth.  From flea beetles to foxes to pasty butt, Lynda and Emmett battle a number of foes the first year on their farm, and it was especially useful for me not only to see how they learned to work on the farm, but how to work together.

I must add that, given all the grief Travis and I are going through just to get land to farm, Lynda and Emmett cheated by having land in their family.  Still, it’s no easy task starting a farm, and I wish them the best of luck over in California.  I highly recommend people read The Wisdom of the Radish for a glimpse into the life of a young farmer.  And what’s more, this week you can win your own copy!

I thought long and hard about how to give away my copy of The Wisdom of the Radish.  I was fretting about it one morning over breakfast, flipping through a New Yorker when it came to me: a New-Yorker style caption contest!  If you’re not familiar with New Yorker cartoon caption contests, here’s how it works:

The New Yorker provides a picture like this:

The readers then submit captions that fit the picture.  Like this one’s winner, submitted by Roger Ebert:

“I’m not going to say the word I’m thinking of”

The picture posted below is one of Travis and me at the farm, and it needs a caption.  Provide a caption for it by posting in the comments or tweeting me @farmerneysa.  Make me laugh, because I’ll choose my favorite one on Friday and you’ll receive your own copy of The Wisdom of the Radish. Good luck!

Photos: Sasquatch Books, Newyorker.com, Austin Prince